The Israelites promise to obey Joshua like they obeyed Moses. (Read some real sarcasm here, “I’ll bet that really inspired Joshua!)

Joshua’s life is going to give us insight on how to discover God’s will for our lives in every situation. God had commanded Moses, and Moses had commanded Joshua who in turns commands the Israelites. The general instructions were given by God to Moses and handed down to Joshua. They guided everything he did.

But he would often encounter fresh situations that Moses didn’t face and therefore Joshua needed to listen for God in his life as well. He needed clarification from God in his personal life to fulfill the general instructions Moses had given him. God is always there for him. Thirdly, there are times Joshua is required to use his own initiative and wisdom to accomplish the goals that God had passed on to him through Moses.

Isn’t that the way it is for us also. Some things are crystal clear. Yet sometimes we need to seek God’s will in more specific situations as they arise. And sometimes we will even have to rely on our own initiative and skills to meet particular challenges.

When Israel promised to obey Joshua they added two exhortations to him which fit these situations of life and fit ours as well.  They say to Joshua “may God be with you, as he was with Moses.” This will guarantee that God will personally direct Joshua when Moses’ instructions are not specific enough for the situation. May God be with us also.

They also encourage Joshua to be “strong and courageous.” That’s what he’ll need when he has to take his own initiative at times. We too must be “strong and courageous” at times.