The children of Gerson and Merari were given many menial tasks regarding the activities associated with the tabernacle. The commentators discuss which tasks are the more important tasks. But when it comes right down to it they are all equal. The one could not exist without the other.

Paul says that’s the way it is with all believers. We all represent different parts of the body. Some of us are hands. Others are eyes. There are noses, and feet, and elbows. There are external members and internal organs. Some of the parts are more prominent than other parts but their all vital. It is not a question of inferiority; it’s simply a differentiation of function. The difference between the parts seems to be more around the visible parts and the unseen parts say the head versus the heart. To ask the question “which is more important” is to miss the point. They are both essential.

Some argue that the body has “nascent organs.” Those are parts of the body whose functions are not longer necessary and that we can live easily without. Tonsils, adenoids, and others are among those mentioned. Many argue that it’s simply that we don’t understand their functions yet. Regardless, in the body of Christ there are no “nascent” organs. You belong in Christ’s family, the church, and you necessary part of it. Paul tells us that those parts which seem less important are crucial. 1 Corinthians 12:22 says, “What is more, it is precisely the parts of the body that seem to be the weakest which are the indispensable ones.”