In the first few verses of Genesis six, we see demons cohabiting with women and generating a legacy of violence on the earth. The Nephilim were not only large and warlike but also sexual predators who “took any woman” they wanted to sleep with. In this, we might see the first Satanic attempt to thwart God’s plan of the redemption of man through the “offspring” of a woman. The children born of the Nephilim advanced the Satanic cause of sex and violence. It spread to all humanity. It seems to have been worse with each generation. God watched it. The English Standard Version translates Genesis 6:5 this way: “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

In Matthew chapter five, Jesus taught us that murder begins with being “angry” with a brother. Just as Cain was jealous and angry with Abel. Adultery, according to Jesus, begins with “the thoughts of the heart” when a man looks at a woman to lust after her, as the fallen angels did with the daughters of men. Murder and adultery, sex and violence, begin on the inside and work their way out to action. Look at King David for an example of how this works. But I don’t think Bathsheba was innocent either. The curse in Genesis three involves a struggle between the sexes. Both men and women will seek to dominate each other in one way or another. Women use sexuality to dominate and control men. Men use brute force to dominate and control women. Bathsheba knew that she was beautiful. She knew that her bathing location outside would put her in view of the king’s balcony. The woman in the workplace knows which button on her blouse is not fastened. In the position of strength and power, David took her as the demons did in Genesis chapter six. We have wicked and deceitful hearts. Satan and his minions use this truth to lead us into sin. When sinful desires become the practice of the people, society degenerates. It goes down and down into a spiral of sex and violence.

An internet article from Psychology Today reports, “A perplexing link between human sexual behavior and violence is evident from an early age when boys tease and punch girls they are attracted to.  Some major league baseball players look at pornography right before they go to the plate to increase their level of aggression. Thirty percent of all internet traffic is pornography, and 88 percent of this contains physical aggression. In the extreme, sadistic sexual behavior can develop from the intertwining of sex and violence in the human brain.  As crowds grow and become unruly, especially if alcohol and other drugs are involved, gang sexual assault can erupt with awful spontaneity.”[1] Kent Hughes may have gone a little too far, but he makes a good point. He writes, “I once heard ex-heavyweight champion Mike Tyson talk up his upcoming fight by saying that he would kill his opponent and that he would do anything because he (Tyson) was a convicted rapist! Here was a man gleefully referencing his sexual violence before the world. This is the same man who bit off part of an opponent’s ear! Do we think the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) is a joke? I hope not! Sensuality, violence, comic-book fantasy, testosterone, steroids, Viagra, blood—that is what the voyeurs drink. The next time you read of someone beaten to death or dragged to death, remember all the negative models. Video stores rent movies of animal attacks on people so you can view the real thing—humans being torn apart—while you eat popcorn. Truly a feast of demons.”[2]


[2] Hughes, R. Kent. 2004. Genesis: Beginning and Blessing. Preaching the Word. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.