Yes, indeed! Jeremiah doesn’t mince words when he shares God’s thoughts about man’s ingratitude for all the many good things in life. Israel had received the blessings God had poured out upon them and then turned their 15 familyinterests to other gods. But that’s saying it mildly. Jeremiah 5:8-9 is very explicit regarding God’s attitude towards His children’s ingratitude. He says, “They were well-fed, lusty stallions, each neighing for his neighbor’s wife. Shall I not punish them for these things? declares the LORD; and shall I not avenge myself on a nation such as this?” “Prosperity has led to luxury, which has led to preoccupation with sexual liberties and physical acts of immorality.”[1

God’s question in this passage actually contains three charges against His people that He’s repeated several times throughout the book of Jeremiah. The charges stand out as clear evidence of the senseless ingratitude of His people. Willis numbers the charges, “First, they have sworn by gods that are not gods. To swear by divine beings is to appeal to their power to back up your own words. They have appealed to the power of beings which have no power, thereby exposing the emptiness of their own words. This accusation also exposes the falseness—the essential powerlessness—of the oaths they swear by the Lord (5:2). Second, they committed adultery with other gods, even though the Lord supplied all their needs (5:7b). This accusation is just like that of Hosea 2:2–13, where the Lord says that the people sacrificed to the Baals, using the very products with which he had blessed them to give thanks to someone else. Third, he compares the people to well-fed, lusty stallions, who have all their needs met, yet still find it necessary to look elsewhere for pleasure. The hurt and anger which the Lord expresses are entirely understandable.”[2

Sexual promiscuity is the culprit in the breakdown of every civilization in history. It eats away at the very fiber of God’s plan for man in the family. Past civilizations have fallen because of the breakdown of the family. When sexual appetites are satisfied outside of God’s plan, as in this case in Israel, the welfare of the state is in grave danger. Hurley says, “God formed the nuclear family as a male and female with children. This is the biblical model, and anything different proves inadequate and harmful. While governments billions have not eliminated poverty, a return to God’s model of family will send it reeling, as even government statistics show. And that doesn’t even consider the greater values of security, self-esteem, discipline, and example that the biblical model provides for society. Why will we not humbly return our families to the model that really works?’[3]

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