One of the more comforting attributes of God is His omnipresence. To the wicked, that actuality is more frightening than comforting, but for those who believe, rest, trust, and look to Him find it most comforting. We often use theological titles 27 alonefor God’s attributes and make them sound too complicated. Omnipresence simply means that God is everywhere. That means God is always with us. There’s a children’s book out that’s entitled, “God is with Me.” Philip Ryken says he takes great joy in holding a very small person on his lap and reading its paraphrase of Psalm 139. This Psalm is a Psalm that David wrote on the omnipresence of God. There are two questions in that Psalm that introduce the subject. First David asks, “Where can I go from Your (God) Spirit?” The second question is, “Where can I flee from your presence?” The assumed answer to these questions is “No where!” The rest of the Psalm elaborates on that.

In “God is with Me,” this Psalm is paraphrased: My God always sees me. He sees me when I sit down and when I stand up. He sees me when I go outside. And God sees me when I go to bed. God is too wonderful for me to see Him now …but He sees me! My God is always with me. If I go UP, He is with me. If I go DOWN, He is with me! If I wake up quietly, before everyone else … even then my God is with me! If I swim to the bottom of the sea … God is with me! When it is so dark that I cannot see, God can see and He is with me. God made me wonderfully, and He loves me. Tomorrow, when I wake up, God will still be with me!

We just can’t take it in! We are so locked into time, space, objects, movements of the physical realm that we can’t fully comprehend a God who has more dimensions than we can imagine. We cannot even imagine dimensions we do understand being infinite, continuous, unending. We’re always locked into the time space continuum. A. W. Tozer, attempts to explain the omnipresence of God. He says, “God fills heaven and earth just as the ocean fills a bucket which has been submerged in it a mile down. The bucket is full of the ocean, but the ocean surrounds the bucket in all directions. So when God says He fills heaven and earth, He does. But heaven and earth are submerged in God, and all space is too.” In Ephesians 3:18, Paul prays that believers might somehow be able to comprehend the height, breadth, depth, and width of God’s Love for us. Even with our human limitations we can stand in awe of God’s love for us!