Everyone must die! This is a given, isn’t it? It’s a cliché almost. It doesn’t even bear repeating because it’s so obvious. The Bible clearly states, “There is a time for every event under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2). Everyone knows it. Everyone is introduced to it from childhood at the death of a pet, a loved one, or something they see on TV. It’s just part of life. I attended several funerals and memorial services for family and friends in 2011 and was surprised at how many people seemed shock when death becomes part of their experience. They know death as a reality but they are totally unprepared for it.

As a preacher of the Good News of Jesus Christ, I feel it’s one of my most solemn responsibilities to give attention to preparing people for the inevitability of death. But it’s such a delicate subject, especially in the wake of a loss. I think I’ve had more zeal than knowledge in some attempts to share this truth with others. You may have heard of the barber who was newly saved and was eager to witness to his experience with Jesus Christ. As he met his first customer the next day, he was sharpening his straight razor on the leather strap. His initial approach to his customer was, “Are you ready to die?” Just imagine what went through the customer’s mind as he viewed the finely honed razor.

I really want to be careful how I talk about this subject because only a truly morbid person obsesses over the inevitability of his own death. . On the other hand, only a foolish person refuses to ponder his own mortality. One of the most profound truths come from the mouth of William Wallace of Brave heart fame. He said, “no man can really live until he is ready to die.” So what about you? Do you ever consider that God has granted you a fixed amount of time in this world and that every tick of the clock brings you that much closer to your date with eternity? Imagine you were to discover that you have one week to live. What regrets would you have? What unfinished business would fill you with sadness? Would you feel you have lived wisely, in a way that honors God? Why or why not?

“…it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment.” Hebrews 9:27