There have been many who have suggested a time or even date for the End Times. There is one prediction that failed in May so was changed to October 21, 2011. If we learn anything from Jesus’ words, we learn that only the father knows. I dealt with this question yesterday when I discussed the different roles of the Persons in the God head. In the Gospels Jesus tells of great calamities that will fall upon “This generation.” (Mark 13, Matthew 24) Many solid commentators argue that these events were adequately fulfilled with the fall of Jerusalem and the total destruction of the temple in 70AD. Since in the very next passage, Jesus says he does not know when the end times will be many accept this interpretation. Some argue that it refers to the ultimate end times. Others see a dual fulfillment. Those signs of the end are pre-figuring the great end times as well. I have gone back and forth in my understanding of this. Thus, I am left with the same confusion the disciples had regarding the end times.

The bottom line regarding this issue for me concerns the practical conclusion that Jesus draws regarding the subject. We know it’s coming! But we do not know when. We all live with the shadow of the end looming over us, both personally and corporately. We never know when it will fall. But that is no reason to be fearful or hysterical over that expectation, but at the same time we know that to forget about God and to become consumed with the things of earth is a very foolish way to live.

The scriptures teach us clearly that the wise man never forgets his mortal state and knows that he must be ready when the summons comes. What it should motivate us to consider is that each day we have life we have something to be thankful and grateful for. We have good work to do which is not a chore but a privilege. It means that we must live our lives in such a way that it doesn’t matter when He comes. Let’s make every day of our lives fit for Him to see. Let’s live in such a way that we’re ready to meet him face to face at any moment. If we live like this the end will not be a terror, but an eternal joy.

“You also must be ready. The Son of Man will come at an hour when you don’t expect him.” Luke 12:40