Six times the Lord calls mankind to “consider your ways” in the book of Haggai. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” We all reflect on the essential issues of life and whether we like it or not we all are philosophers in that we all have a philosophy of life. The three man issues everyone must consider is “Where do I come from? What am I here for? And Where am I going.” In the last three blogs (devotions) I’ve argued against the evolutionary hypothesis that claims man is as man is by chance. I’ve argued that God created each of us for a purpose of worshipping and loving Him. And I’ve argued that God’s plans for man are eternal.

The real purpose of Haggai’s exhortation to “consider your ways” is to see if your actions truly live up to your items of faith. Are you basing your life’s choices on the fact that you came forth from God, that God has purpose for your life, and that you will return once again to God to give an account for your life? Are you? Are you? Six times, God asks His people through Haggai, “Are you?”

The expected answer was “No, we’re not.” They were living as if they believed life was an accident and there was no God who had a purpose and plan for them. They were basing the expenditure of their resources on selfish interests and not God’s purpose. They were living as if they were autonomous and had no accountability to God. Thus, Haggai’s call to “consider” is to see and recognize the truth that one’s life choices say. But then he concludes with the call to get it right. Put God back in His proper place in your life! Give God the priority He deserves.

“Thus says the LORD of hosts: Consider your ways. Go up to the hills and bring wood and build the house (of worship), that I may take pleasure in it and that I may be glorified, says the LORD.”