The “ordination” of Jesus into his ministry began with his baptism when the Father pointed out who he was and God’s spirit in the form of a dove came to rest upon him.  Before he could begin his ministry in earnest he needed one more test. It was the same test that Adam and Eve failed in the Garden. He needed to pass the test of temptation from Satan. Satan twisted God’s Words in the garden to convince Adam and Eve that God did not have their best interest foremost in mind. Rather, God was trying to keep something good from them. Satan again attempted to twist God’s Word when he tempted Jesus. He also suggested that God’s plan for Jesus was not a good plan and that he (Satan) could offer something better. But Jesus rebuked Satan by quoting Scripture with each temptation. He held firm to his faith and trust in God and God’s good intentions for him. Even though he’d face great suffering He never doubted God.

Submission to God and His Word is the true secret to resisting temptation. God  makes it clear to us all that He has a good plan for us, but there are times when we experience pain and hardship and when we have thoughts that express doubt regarding God’s goodness, guess where they come from! Doubts about God and his positive disposition towards us always come from the same source!

A man was confined to bed for forty years, having broken his neck in a fall at age fifteen. But his spirit remained unbroken, and his cheer and courage so inspired people that he enjoyed a constant stream of guests. One day a visitor asked him, “Doesn’t Satan ever tempt you to doubt God?” “Oh, yes,” replied the man. “He does try to tempt me. I lie here and see my friends standing, walking and driving and Satan whispers, “God doesn’t love you or he wouldn’t have let this happen to you.” But I simply take Satan to Calvary, show him Christ, and point to those deep wounds, and say, “You see, he does love me.”  And Satan has no answer to that. He flees every time.”


“Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Job 13:15