Our speech must always be gracious! That’s how verse 6 begins. But the verse goes on to say it also must be “seasoned with salt.” What does speech that is seasoned with salt, sound like?

A short perusal of the use of the word in the New Testament suggests that salt contains purifying, perpetuating and antiseptic qualities. In coming to grips with this exhortation in my life I believe that the “purity” of our speech, refers to thoughtfulness. Salt was part of nearly every sactifice in the Leviticus system. “Holiness” was essential! After many years in the Navy and both Mediterranean and Western Pacific cruises, I’ve heard and used every “unclean” word in the human language. Sadly, when I’m not thoughtful, they will still slip out. An effort for the Lord, a sacrifice that’s impure, is unacceptable.

The preservation quality of salt often refers to the Christians influence on a sinful society. Our presence, values, morals, votes, candidates, opinions, e-mails, and other legal civic activity can retard the deterioration in a society. I’ve always thought it a bit ironic that when Abraham dickered with God over the preservation of Sodom & Gomorrah, there were not even 10 righteous people to be found in the entire city. That’s because Lot, his wife and his children were not the “salt” they were supposed to be. When Lot’s wife turned back in longing for the sinful live of Sodom, God turned her into a pillar of “salt.” I’ll show you that (suggested) pillar of salt at the southern end of the Dead Sea if you journey to Israel with me this summer. Check out www.countrybible.org, and click on the Israel trip.

The last quality of salt I’d like to mention is the “antiseptic” nature of it.  There should be some kind of “healing” character to it. People should always feel somewhat better from having spoken to us. They should have gathered something: not only positive instruction, but the coming into contact with us ought to do them good, and to make them feel better.


“Let your speech always be gracious, seasons with salt…” Colossians 4:6