In the Olivet discourse of Matthew 24, Jesus teaches his disciples about the temporal nature of all things. He says in verse 35, “Heaven and earth will pass away…” It’s all temporary! Everything we see and everything we touch, all the material world is going to come to an end. Then he adds the adverse conjunction “but.” He says, “… but my words will not pass away. “

Charles Piller wrote an article for the LA Times that ran on July 23, 2006. The title is, “Divine Inspiration from the Masses.” Here’s what he said: Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has inspired a new religion. Yoism, invented by a Massachusetts psychologist, is based on the “open source” principle that the general public creates a combined, creative authority and source of truth. Yoism operates and evolves over the Internet and has numerous contributors. It shuns traditional religious authorities and divine inspiration in favor of the wisdom of humans. Bob Dylan, Albert Einstein, and Sigmund Freud are among its revered saints. Dan Kriegman founded Yoism in 1994 to make religion open to change and responsive to the wisdom of people everywhere. “I don’t think anyone has ever complained about something that didn’t lead to some revision or clarification in the Book of Yo,” Kriegman says. “Every aware, conscious, sentient spirit is divine and has direct access to truth.… Open source embodies that. There is no authority.”

John Wesley once said, “When I was young, I was sure of everything. In a few years, having been mistaken a thousand times, I was not half as sure of most things as I was before. At present, I am hardly sure of anything but what God has revealed to man.”

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” Jesus – Matthew 24:35