The prayer for healing and restoration appears three times in this short Psalm. It’s in verse 3, verse 7, and again at the end in verse 19. It says the same thing, like the chorus of a song: “Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved!” We all long for healing of our wounds. We all need forgiveness. We all have memories we wish we didn’t have and pains that still wake us up in the night. These are the things that “go bump in the night.” They are pangs of discomfort, pangs of shame, disgrace, embarrassment and sometimes downright torment. As Israel experienced the consequences of their life choices they cried out for this restoration, this healing that we all need. However, we cannot undo what’s been done.

I really like the old fairy tales and stories my mother used to read to me and my sister when we were kids. I love them even more when I consider them as an adult and recognize the profound biblical truths that are often conveyed in them. Take Humpty Dumpty for example. He was one good egg! (Ha!!): Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

Behind this innocent little rhyme is a tremendous and tragic spiritual truth. We are all Humpty-Dumptys. We’ve fallen! We’re broken! Nothing and no one can put us back together again. If you’ve ever questioned the doctrine of the deity of Christ, this truth helps us understand its importance. Nothing on earth can restore us! That’s why God came to earth himself, in the person of His son, to heal us and to bring us home. Isaiah makes it clear that with His stripes we are healed!

The women in the crowd who found healing by touching Jesus’ coat might represent “The Rest Of The Story.” His healing touch is available to us all. William Cowper wrote, “Like her, with hopes and fears we come, To touch Thee, if we may; Oh! send us not despairing home! Send none unhealed away!” All of us Humpty Dumptys can be restored! That means me! That means you!

“Help us, O God of our salvation! Help us for the glory of your name. Save us and forgive our sins for the honor of your name.” (Psalm 79:9)