David was on the run from Saul. Though he’d done nothing to cause such hatred and anger, David found himself unjustly under attack. Saul even aroused some of David’s friends and family to turn against him with lies and accusations. David has no way of defending himself. He was helpless against the lies and slander. What could he do? Well, he took his case to a higher court.

Lisa Bender was a High School Student in Williamsport, PA. She wanted to start a prayer group at the school. The school authorities denied her request. In 1983 she took it to a higher court. The Christian Legal Society took her case and she won. The Legislature promptly acted to pass the “Equal Access Act” which gave her the right to pursue her interests in prayer. Another situation took place in Omaha, Nebraska where Bridget Mergens, took her case to the Supreme Court to vindicate her religious free speech rights. The Supreme Court ruled that public high schools must treat all non-curriculum related student groups alike. Two High School girls took their cases to a higher court and were vindicated!

Sometimes the only thing you can do is take your case to a higher court. This is exactly what David did. However, the only court available to him was in heaven. David takes his case to God. In Psalm 35, verse 24 is straight forward: “Vindicate me, O LORD, my God.” He then lays out the details of the injustices against him. The word “Vindicate” is a legal action word. It’s the Judges decision that declares one side right and one side wrong.

God did vindicate David. Saul’s body was hung on the city walls of Beth Shan, and David was named the King in His place. But it was nearly 14 years of running and hiding. David knew well that God’s justice always comes, but it’s always in His timing. After all, it was David who wrote the signature verse below.

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. (Psalm 27:14)