As I begin this series of devotions on the book of Job today, let me summarize the story and ultimate message of the entire book. The story line of Job is simple. Job, a blameless worshiper of God, experiences a series of devastating tragedies. Three friends come to comfort him, but end up arguing that since God is good Job must have done something terrible to deserve his intense suffering. Job refutes them and in the process points to injustices God permits in His world. A young observer suggests that God may have other purposes in suffering than to punish. Then God Himself speaks to Job. The Lord gives no reason for what has happened to Job, but Job realizes he must submit to God rather than question Him. Job is restored. His three pious friends, who have so forcefully held to their “retribution theology” as the only explanation for suffering, are rebuked by the Lord. Job goes on to live a long and blessed life.

 That’s the way it is! God doesn’t always explain himself. Life doesn’t always make sense and God doesn’t give us the answers for all the suffering in the world. He doesn’t give us the answers to why the wicked prosper in our world, either. Like Job, we must realize that it is our duty to simply submit to God’s plan and program for our lives without questioning Him. This is what faith is: Trusting God in all the confusing, painful, and threatening situations of life.

 No matter what happens today, this week, this month or this year, we must never forget that God always has our best interest foremost in mind and His good plan and purpose for our lives will find complete fulfillment in the end.


“Now seek the Lord your God with all your heart and soul.”1 Chronicles 22:19