At the beginning of the rebellion, Absalom’s advisor, Ahithophel predicted that when “the man” had been killed, Israel would be united.  He was right. His only mistake was concerning which man would be dead.

2 Samuel 18:15 records Absalom’s death with a very short sentence. It says that Joab’s men surrounded Absalom “and struck him and killed him.” That’s the end of Absalom.

What a lost potential! He was Born as the son of a king with all the benefits and privileges that go along with it. But it ended with nothing. What a waste! David was a man after God’s own heart. Absalom was a man who rejected God and lived a life of self gratification. 

There’s an old story about Horatio Bottomley. He heard a sermon in which an invitation to receive Christ was given. He rejected that opportunity. Years later, while in prison at age 63, a pastor visited him. The Pastor shared his testimony:  “Years ago I was in Colston Hall in Bristol where I heard a sermon on “you must be born again.” The preacher was Hay Aitken.  I was convicted of sin and of my need of the Savior. I accepted Christ and since that memorable time, Christ has been all and in all to me!”

Bottomley thought deeply, the story goes on. Then he said, “I, too, heard that searching message. I felt my great need of the Savior, but I rejected Him.” Then he said remorsefully, “A life without God is a wasted life!”

Don’t be like Absalom and Bottomley. Don’t waste your life.