The nation of Israel is finally united under King David.  All 12 tribes acknowledge David as their King and covenant to follow him. But then we read in verse 17 of 2 Samuel chapter 5, “When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king over Israel” they gathered their armies and prepared to attack Israel.

It’s worth noting that as long as Saul’s followers and David’s followers were at odds with each other, the Philistines left them to their own civil wars. But once they heard that the nation was united as “one man” they immediately prepared to attack to destroy the coalition before David could consolidate his forces.

This is so true for the Church today.  As long as we are focusing our energy on each other our enemy isn’t going to worry about us and we’re simply tolerated by the world. But if God’s people unite and become what God truly wants them to be, it arouses the attention of the enemy who will move immediately to destroy the solidarity of the Body.

In mythology Cadmus encountered a field of giants. He was afraid of what they might do to him so he decided to employ a clever ruse to cause the giants to fight each other. He threw a stone and struck one of the giants on the ear. This giant thought another giant had struck him, so a fight ensued. Soon all the giants were fighting each other and before long all of them were killed while Cadmus looked on and laughed.

Our churches are full of potential spiritual giants, but Satan often sows discord among the members and they end up as spiritual pygmies, fighting one another.