When God blesses Hannah with her son, she keeps her promise. She does so with great rejoicing. She even sings a famous song of praise that makes up most of chapter 2 of 1st Samuel. I don’t want to quote the whole song, but let me give you a summary of what she praises God for. She sings about God’s omnipotence, His Holiness, His provision and His protection. But I think the brunt of her worship is in the fact that God silences His people’s critics and He reverses fortunes.

For those of us who often feel weak and powerless in a world that seems so strong and competent we can find real hope in the fact that God delights to bring down the high and raise up the low. God seems to love reversing situations that appear to irreversible.  He did it with Abraham! He did it with Isaac. He did it with Jacob. He did it with Joseph. He did it with Moses. He did it with Jesus at the resurrection.

He will do it for you!