The fall of Samson at the hands of Delilah contains numerous lessons for anyone serious about dealing with temptation. Yesterday I suggested a comparison and contrast to David would be interesting in learning about leadership. A comparison and contrast of Samson with Joseph would be interesting in learning about temptation. Joseph resists the seduction of Potiphar’s wife. Samson surrenders to the seduction of Delilah. But the lessons we learn regarding temptation are nearly identical. Consider these:

1. Temptation is a process.
2. Temptation comes from the enemy.
3. Temptation comes in beautiful packages.
4. Temptation hits us where we are weak.
5. Temptation blinds us from reality.
6. Temptation builds us up before knocking us down.
7. Temptation plays on our emotions.
8. Temptation, when given into, separates us from God.
9. Temptation, when given into, makes us its slave.
10. Temptation has a way of escape.

Joseph took the way of escape, he left his garment in the hands of his seductress and ran and lived to rule the nation. Samson fell asleep in the arms of his seductress and died at the hands of his enemies.

It’s often that simple.