Gideon was not the kind of man you would think God would choose to be a great leader of his people. When he found him, Gideon was hiding in a wine vat so the Midianites wouldn’t find him. The angel hails him with, “hey, mighty hero, the Lord is with you.”  Not a very likely title for a man hiding from the enemy.

The Lord commissions Gideon to lead the people against their oppressors, but Gideon, the mighty hero, isn’t convinced. He asks for a sign. God gives him one and sends him off to destroy the altar of Baal worship in the land. Gideon, Judges 6:27 says, “did it at night because he was afraid.” That’s confidence! Even after vs. 34 where “the spirit of the Lord took possession of Gideon,” he still needs God to give him several signs by way of fleece before he obeys the Lord. How much control did the spirit of the Lord really have?

Gideon finally obeys, and the Lord gives him a great victory. Then the Lord gave Israel peace for 40 years during the life of Gideon.

I like Gideon. I often wonder how much control the Spirit really has in my life. Not as much as he should, so Gideon gives me hope!