Shamgar is one of the judges and is only mentioned in one verse.  You probably never heard of him. Judges 3:31 tells us everything we know about him. It says, “Shamgar was the son of Anath, who killed 600 of the Philistines with an ox goad. He also saved Israel.”

This is one strange man for God to use. He was a Horite or Hivite, not an Israelite. His name means “a gift from Shimike,” who was a god of the Hivites. His father’s name Anath came from a popular Canaanite goddess whose name is preserved to this day in the city of Beth-Anath.

Anath was the goddess of battles who , according to myth, rejoiced ecstatically over the slaughter of her human enemies. God, thus brought Shamgar out of this background to be a deliverer of Israel.

Truly, God can use anybody and he can use whatever they hold in their hand. Someone wrote a poem about it:

Shamgar had an ox-goad,
David had a sling,
Samson had a jawbone,
Rahab had a string,
Mary had some ointment,
Aaron had a rod,
Dorcas had a needle,
All were used for God.
What do you have in your hand?