A sad refrains begins early in the book of Judges and continues through the entire book: “And the people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals.”

The period of the Judges is a dark time for Israel. In Joshua we had victory after victory. In Judges we see failure after failure. The reason Israel failed to enjoy God’s blessings during this 400 year period is because they did not heed Moses’ and Joshua’s instructions to “Love God with their whole heart and soul.” They did not “obey and serve” God. Therefore they did not experience the blessings He had prepared for them.

When things went well, they dabbled in the world. When things got tough they turned back to God. God in his grace would deliver them and it would start over again. Sounds like someone’s been reading my mail!

It’s the same old story! Adam & Eve failed to trust God’s instructions! Every generation afterwards struggles with the same problem. Half-hearted obedience and service results in a life of ups and downs!

Lord, help me to become more consistent in my love for you as I express it in obedience and service!