I remember the opening lines to Bette Midler’s song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” It goes like this:

It must have been cold there in my shadow,
To never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that’s your way.
You always walked a step behind.

What an appropriate description for the man named Caleb. By the time we reach Joshua 14, Caleb has been all but forgotten. It’s interesting how Joshua was pretty much overshadowed by Moses, yet he was a great leader and Moses looked to him often. As Joshua was often overshadowed by Moses, Caleb seems to have been overshadowed by Caleb.  Even though he and Joshua stood together at Kadesh Barnea, Joshua was the one to assume Moses role. Joshua was the one to write a book of the Bible. Caleb lives in his shadow.

But upon possession of the Land Caleb is not forgotten. He’s blessed by Joshua and given the land of Hebron as his inheritance. He remained strong and fit for the 45 years since Kadesh Barnea and at 85 he was ready to settle into the Land God had promised him. He received his reward.

Many people understand what it’s like to live in the shadow of others. And it’s good for us during those times to remember God’s promise to us in Revelation 3:11. He says, “I am coming soon. So hold firmly to what you have, and no one will take away the crown that you will be given as your reward.”