Joshua 10:9 says, “Joshua and his army marched all night from Gilgal for a surprise attack.”

In 1996 we visited the NU football facilities in Lincoln. This was after they had won their 2nd National Championship in a row. We were impressed by the Cornhuskers workout program.

Many think that the success of the program is due to extra-ordinary skill and coaching. I remember hearing someone once say (I think it was Tom Osborne) that that was nonsense! The talent and ability at that level of play is pretty much the same. The difference is in dedication and hard work. Nebraska wins more games because they work harder at it than most! The players train in and out of season. While others’ sleep, they lift weights!

   The heights, that some men gained and kept, Were not attained by sudden flight,
   But they, while their companions slept, Were toiling upward through the night.

Thusly, Joshua, took the land!