The spies that Joshua sent out to Jericho came back with a different report than the spies that Moses sent out at Kadesh Barnea. They said the task was too difficult for them and the opposition was too great. The giants in the land saw us as grasshoppers and we agreed. Joshua’s spies said, “Truly, the Lord has given all the land into our hands. And also, all the inhabitants of the land melt away because of us.”  Instead of doubt, this generation had faith. And faith is what we need also.

Canaan will be ours! God promises it to us and all the forces that would stand against us are shuddering in fear. If I would compare Canaan with heaven, we can say, “Heaven will be ours.” God promises it to us. Heaven is the purchased possession bought by Christ’s own blood. It’s ours to possess now by faith. We need to simply trust God for His promises. We can even begin to experience the joys of our destiny now in this life, but that’s dependent upon our obedience. 

Peckham writes, “The promises of God have been made, and many have claimed them and entered into their inheritance in Christ in the past; but to every generation comes the necessity for personal trust in those promises. I have to claim my inheritance and possess my possessions, and so do you. We must all have personal dealings with God by faith and live in that which God so liberally gives us in Christ. Powerful foes will attempt to prevent the people enjoying their heritage, so strenuous efforts will be required. Only as they implicitly obey the commands given to Joshua will they be victorious. We too must meet the divine requirements to obtain the divine inheritance. Obedience is a key word in the book of Joshua, and it is a key word for us as Christian men and women.”