Deuteronomy 25:4, “you shall not muzzle an ox when it is trading out the grain,” is quoted twice in the New Testament, 1 Cor 9:9, and 1 Tim 5:18. Both of these passages deal with the fact that those who perform a function are worthy of their wages and it should not be withheld from them in any way.

But both of these passages deal specifically with the wages given to those who preach the gospel, i.e., pastors. Being a pastor myself, I’ve always been grateful for being able to make my living by studying, teaching, and preaching God’s Word. And not only do I make my living doing what I love; the Bible says I should be paid well for it. It even speaks of providing a “double portion” for those who preach the gospel well.

MacArthur observes that “The Lord’s servants deserve to be supported well. There should not be a double standard, applying to preachers, missionaries, and other Christian ministers a standard that is considerably lower than that set for those laboring in the system of man. We should pay them as generously as is feasible and leave the stewardship of that money to them, just as we expect the stewardship of our own money to be left to us.”

I’m extremely grateful to be ministering at a church where this principle is practiced.