“Do not be afraid” is the theme that runs through this chapter. Moses tells the people not to be afraid of their enemy. He also instructs the priests to preach a sermon entitled ‘Let not your heart faint.” All of it rings of Paul’s exhortation to Christians who face an enemy every day of their lives. He says, “Be prepared, take a stand, act like men, and don’t surrender.” (1 Cor 16:13f)
God knows that the battles are usually won or lost before they even begin. As they were about to enter into the fray, he wanted them prepared for victory. He commissioned the preachers to preach “do not be afraid” and the he told them to tell the people why they shouldn’t be afraid.  This made a perfect three point sermon. It went like this:

It begins in verse 3 “Do not let your heart faint, do not be afraid, and do not tremble or be terrified because of them…” Then he goes on to give them three reasons they should not be afraid. First, The Lord is with you. I love the realization that I do not face my enemies alone! God is with me all the way. Second, He will fight for you. He’s not just an observer and a critic who will point out what you did wrong give a blow by blow narrative. He’ll engage the enemy on my behalf. Hey, I’m getting braver by the moment. And third, God will save you. I love it! He’s with me! He will engage the battle on my behalf, and he will bring about the victory.

The only question that remains is will I trust Him? And will you?