Deuteronomy 18 contains a section on “abominable practices” that God’s children should reject. They are mostly what we know as the “occult.” It includes divination, fortune telling, and séances to communicate with the dead, and of course witchcraft.

Maxwell observes that “Today the occult is big business. Astrology entices millions to trust the stars for daily guidance. Mediums flourish because people want to consult the “other side” to know what lies beyond the grave. Occult literature sells fast. Movies dealing with demon possession are box-office hits. An article on Satanism stated, “Today, more than forty-five identifiable groups are involved in sorcery [witchcraft, Satanism, voodoo] in America.”Our society is searching for answers in the wrong places.”
Maybe you have found yourself in situations where you were tempted to find answers to your problems through the New Age religion of the occult as well. Remember Saul, the first king of Israel? On the last full day of his life, Saul was despairing and despondent, frightened and unfocused. He had lost his relationship with the Lord, his mentor, Samuel, was dead, and his archenemies were encircling him. In extreme distress, he turned to the occult and consulted the witch of En Dor. His ending was among the most tragic of the Bible.

Here’s some advice from Robert Morgan: “The Lord loves you and wants to do something special with your life. But inner corruption, outward compromise, and spiritual neglect can drain away your confidence and steal away your crown. The witch of En Dor is not your friend. Stay away from her. Commit yourself without reservation to Christ. Draw near to God, and begin living a life worthy of the calling you have received.”