Beginning in verse 22 of Deuteronomy 14, Moses preaches a sermon on tithing! He simply begins by saying, “you shall tithe all the yield of your seed that comes from the field year after year.”  Wow, he simply says, “Just do it!”

I’ve struggled with tithing personally and found that during those years, I was unable to preach on it. I’m confident that Moses knew what it was like to trust God with the resources God had given him. There are many lessons about tithing in the following verses but verse 22 makes it clear that tithing is to be a regular exercise. Maxwell says, “By returning a tithe to God regularly, the people would know that their prosperity did not depend on irrigation or advanced agricultural techniques, but on the provision of their God.”

This is true in our lives as well. Our prosperity is not dependent upon our technology and our skills or any other thing. It’s a direct result of God’s gracious provision for us. The tithe tells God that we acknowledge that to be true.