Towards the end of Deuteronomy chapter 1, Moses reviews what happened to Israel when they came to Kadesh Barnea and failed to go in and take the land. He says to them “you would not go up.” You said, “the cities are great,” “the walls are too high,”¬†and “the people are greater and taller than we are.” All they saw were the obstacles. God and Moses were well aware of the obstacles but they had exhorted the people, “go up and take the land.” Knowing about the obstacles, Moses added, “Do not be afraid or discouraged.” But all they focused on was the obstacles.

It’s often the same with me. I see all the obstacles to attaining my goals in the Christian life. Sometimes the focus on obstacles is mistaken as spiritual maturity. But the truth is obstacles are the easiest things to see. They loom huge and threatening and often dominate¬†my attitude about God’s positive future plans for me. It’s hard to remember that God is always looking for men and women like Joshua and Caleb who can look around, or above, or beyond the obstacles and can see the realization of their objectives.

May you and I be more like Joshua and Caleb today.