God directs Moses to appoint a successor who will lead Israel into the Promised Land. Moses was disqualified from entering the land because of his sin of striking the rock rather than speaking to it at Meribah.

Moses’ sin did not cost him his eternal relationship with God, but it did cost him the privilege of entering the Promised Land. Sin in our lives is also costly. It won’t remove us from our eternal destiny, but it may very well disqualify us from future service. We too, like Moses, can be disqualified because of sin. This passage must be seen as a solemn warning to all believers. Sin will have consequences.  Moses will climb Mt. Pisgah and be “gathered to his fathers.” God will bury him. One writer said “God buries his workmen, but carries on His work.” Of course that’s what God does with Joshua. God’s work will go on without us. He invites our participation but our sin often disqualifies us.

Lord, help us all to learn from Moses and to obey at all costs, in humble submission to your word and Holy Spirit in our lives. Keep us usable for thee.