Bashan was a part of the Promised Land which was famous for its rich, fertile ground. The cattle ate so well in Bashan that they were prized for food – the best in the land. Kind of like Omaha Steaks!

But Og, The King in Bashan, was frightening and wouldn’t surrender the rich land flowing with milk and honey to Israel. Israel was afraid to move against him. I could identify a couple “Og’s” in my life, couldn’t you? But God wanted Israel, His people, to have this land. So he spoke to the people’s representative in Numbers 21:34 (CEV) “The Lord said to Moses, Don’t be afraid of Og. I will help you defeat him and his army, just as you did King Sihon who ruled in Heshbon. Og’s territory will be yours.”It only took faith in God’s word to move the people. They heard, believed, and obeyed. The story goes on in the same verse, “So the Israelites wiped out Og, his family, and his entire army—there were no survivors. Then Israel took over the land of Bashan.”

God wants you, his child, to trust him and his good plan for you, and move against everything that is holding you back! Take the Land!