In chapter 11 of the book of Numbers the Israelites complained about three things. First, they complained about their leadership. They chose the wrong route, they didn’t prepare properly, they aren’t wise enough, etc. Second, they complained about God’s provision. We have only boring manna we want some meat. Thirdly they complained about God’s calling. We don’t want to go to Canaan, we were better off in Egypt.

As we see in this chapter complaining is contagious. It spread throughout the camp. The progression of the complaining is interesting to watch. In verse 1 God’s judgment fell on “the outskirts.” That meant the complaints began on the peripheral. Then Verse 4 speaks of the “rabble.” They began the cry for meat to eat. It goes on the say “also the sons of Israel” started complaining. Verse 10 tells us that it spread into the actual families themselves. Then is verse 11 and following Moses himself lifts up a complaint against God. Verse 16 solves the complaint regarding the leadership. God chooses 70 men from among the tribes to share the responsibility with Moses. God promises to speak to them all about His calling on their life and therefore deals with their complaint about their calling. God then answers their complaint about His provision and He gives them the quail in the wilderness. God says “you will eat quail until it comes out your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you.”

There’s a simple lesson for us all. God always has our best interest foremost in mind and he knows what’s best for us. If we insist on having our own way, he may very well give it to us. But the consequences will always show that what we wanted was not really the best.