God gets mad several times in Numbers 10 through 12. I wonder if one time it was over Hobab? Hobab was Moses brother in law, Zipporah’s brother and Jethro’s son.  Maybe he was upset with Moses for marrying a cushite (chapter 12), for he had set his heart to leave Moses and return home. Moses tries to talk him into remaining to be their guide. “Moses said to him, Please do not leave us, you know where we should camp in the desert, and you can be our eyes”(10:31).  

Immediately preceeding this, God had informed Moses that He would guide them through the wilderness in the cloud and pillar of fire. He would stop and there is where they should

camp. Why did Moses need Hobab as a guide? I wonder if
this made God mad? Also, Moses questioned God’s power when he responded to God’s promise to give them meat by saying there are too many to give meat to. God said, “has my arm lost its power?” I think he was referring to the miracles in Egypt. “Now you (Moses) will see whether or not my word comes true.” I think God was getting mad. 11:1, The people complain about their hardships… God sends fire. 11:4, “The foreign rabble begin to crave the good things of Egypt, the people of Israel also begin to complain.” God sends quail for them to eat until they gag on it and become sick. 11:10 The people were whining and the Lord became “extremely angry” and Moses became “extremely aggravated.”
12 Miriam and Aaron attacked Moses’ leadership because he had married the cushite. God got angry & struck Miriam with leprosy.

Things that make God mad:
1. Trusting others (Hobab) rather than God.
2. Doubting God’s ability.
3. Complaining about God’s provision.
4. Complaining about hardships.
5. Attacking God’s appointed leadership.