Chapter 26 includes a wonderful renditionĀ of God’s plan and purposes for our lives. He gave us His instructions through Exodus and Leviticus in order that we might live a healthy and productive life. He gives us promises: 26:3 “If you follow my decrees and are careful to obey my commands…”
I will send you rain
your land will yield huge harvests
you will eat your fill from the good land (I like to eat my fill!)
I will give you peace
I will look favorably upon you
I will live among you

Well, I might ask God, “What will happen if I don’t follow your decrees and am not careful to obey your commands?” He would respond, “I’m glad you asked.”
I will discipline you to correct you.
If you don’t listen I will punish you, you will plant crops in vain.
If you still don’t listen I will turn against you and bring sudden terror.
If you still don’t listen I will break your proud spirit with disciple.
If you still don’t listen I will bring devastation and disaster.
If you still refuse to listen I will personally strike you with calamity 7times.
If you still don’t listen I myself will devastate your land and send you into slavery.
But God concludes, finally, you will listen, and I will restore you to my original plan and purpose for your life, “to prosper you and give you hope and a future.”

Lord, help me respond the first time you discipline me, so that I may enjoy the wonderful plan and purpose you have for my life.