Sexual promiscuity ran rampant in the land that Israel was to occupy. They practiced no restrictions, “that is why I (God) am punishing the people that live there…” The Israelites were to strictly discipline their sex lives. Moses pleads with the people for sexual purity because he knows they will be living in a society of people who practice little, if any, sexual restraint. I sometimes feel like I live in that same land.
Sexual promiscuity will be the downfall of any nation. God warns his people “do not give the land a reason to vomit you out for defiling it…” Wow! That’s pretty strong language.
Obviously God does not restrict their behavior or ours because he wants to keep something good from them or us, but because God loves us and has our best interest foremost in mind. “If you obey my laws and regulations you will find life through them…”