Nearly all the materials that were used to build the tabernacle were made useful through some kind of suffering. The metals; gold, silver, bronze, were all refined through fire to burn out impurities. The ointments and incense was obtained by crushing flowers or some plant to draw out the essence of its fragrance. The dyes to make the scarlet and purple clothes were crushed out of plants or small sea creatures. The rams skins and badger skins and goat skins all came at the expense of the lives of the donors.

We all share the diseasse that brought about the fall of Satan: Pride.  Even the most humble of us will often think too highly of himself. God always resists the proud. He deals with that problem in our lives by refining, crushing, and smashing us, till the old ego dies.

 Pebble beach is a famous place. The waves toss and grand the stones together and against the cliffs until their smooth, round and shiny. Tourists from all over the world gather the beautiful, round, polished stones for ornaments on mantels.

Near Pebble Beach is a towering cliff which breaks the force of the waves. In the quiet cove, sheltered by the cliff, is an abundance of stones. But no one wants them. They have escaped the turmoil and beating of the waves. Hence they are rough, angular and devoid of beauty.