Exodus 36,  tells us of the intricate design of the tabernacle wherein God would take up residence with His people. It also describes the beauty of the tabernacle. Verse 8 says that skilled craftsmen made it at God’s direction. They used “fine twined linen and blue and purple and scarlet yarns, with cherubim skillfully worked” into the pattern.  It’s intricate design, and it’s stunning beauty adorned the presense of God. This construction revealed much about God’s nature, but more important, it stood as a constant reminder of God’s presence with His people.

Kepler, the astronomer, had a friend who did not believe in God. In order to convince his friend, Kepler constructed a model of the sun with the planets circling round it.

When his friend came into the Observatory and saw the beautiful model, he exclaimed with delight, “How beautiful it is! Who made it?” And Kepler carelessly answered, “No one made it: it made itself.” His friend looked at him and said, “Nonsense, tell me who made it.” Kepler then replied, “Friend, you say that this little toy could not make itself. It is but a very weak imitation of this great universe which, I understood, you believe did make itself.”

The beauty and intricate design all around us speaks to us of God’s glorious nature and, of course, to his presence with us.