Verse 28 of Exodus 34 tells us of a document written about 3500 years ago. We know more about this little document than anything else ever written. It’s been the subject of countless discussions and debates. It’s phrases have been memorized more than any other in the world and after all these years it’s still the subject of major motion pictures. It says, Moses … “wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the Ten Commandments.” (Check out the new movie coming out!)

This document contains less than 300 words and has changed the life of everyone who’s ever lived since Moses came down the mountain. Someone put them in a poem:

Above all else love God alone;
Bow down to neither wood nor stone.
God’s name refuse to take in vain;
The Sabbath rest with care maintain.
Respect your parents all your days;
Hold sacred human life always.
Be loyal to your chosen mate;
Steal nothing, neither small nor great.
Report, with truth, your neighbor’s deed;
And rid your mind of selfish greed.