Leprosy symbolized sin. Chapters 13 and 14 deal with the examination and cleansing of those infected. I find it discouraging to read chapter 13, with its emphasis on uncleanness and isolation. But chapter 14 brings us that happy ray of hope that we need: A leper can be cleansed and restored! The steps in the leper’s cleansing and restoration picture what Jesus Christ has done for sinners?

The Priest has to go to the leper because the leper was not permitted in the camp. Jesus came to us. Even though declared clean by the priest, the person washes himself because he had to apply personally what God said was true positionally. Each of us must apply Christ’s saving work to our own lives. The cleansed person offers the required sacrifices. The sin offering shows Christ atoning for a person’s sin. The trespass offering reminds us that Christ paid the debt we owed to God because, like the leper, we were unable to help ourselves.

Oh, Happy Day, when Jesus washed my sins away!