Ever get tired of waiting on God? I expect that’s what happened to the Israelites while Moses was gone! They took matters into their own hands and made their own “god” and worshipped it. Aaron made excuses for himself. Not unlike us! We too feel the presures of the world around us to worship, or give value, to idols in our society. It’s hard to resist.

Moses called it a great sin. But unlike Aaron, Moses went to God, not to make excuses, but to make atonement. Having the mind of Christ, Moses seems willing to lay down his own life to save guilty people from God’s wrath. But Moses could not turn away God’s wrath completely. Consequences had to be exacted on the people for their sins!

With Christ that is not true! Christ unlike Moses, is sufficient for complete payment of our idolatrous sins. He is beyond comparison and beyond our comprehension of value. He is more powerful and more merciful than we can imagine. He has made complete atonement for our souls,and now intercedes in our behalf! He received upon himself, God’s wrath. He took it all! There’s no wrath left for us!

You and I can truly sing, “Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe. Sin had left it’s crimson stain, Jesus washed it white as snow.”

Let us rejoice in His Grace!