The instructions in Exodus regarding the anointing oil for the priests and the incense for the altar of incense were very specific. God wrote the recipes for them both. They are very detailed even to the portions of each ingredient to be included.

The annointing oil gave the priests a unique odor. It was of course a very pleasant odor. When a priest came near, you would notice it and your thoughts would go to God. 30:32 instructs the people: “you must never make any blend like it for yourselves.” That’s so it’s aroma would always bring the same thoughts to their minds. It would be soothing, true aromatherapy.

The formula for the incense that would be burned was also very specific. In 30:37 the are instructed regarding it: “never use this formula to make incense for yourself.” Again, this was aromatic reminder of God’s presence. It was a costly, rich, and pleasant blend of spices that calmed the people in God’s presence.

If a person approached the altar of sacrifice the priest would meet him. The altar of Incense would be burning nearby and the worshipper would finish his sacrifice and leave. Everyone who met him would know immediately he’d been with God. He would catch the odor! Soothing and calming!

May we catch the odor by spending time in God’s Word.