Chapters 11 through 13 of Leviticus are not the most exciting chapters in the Bible. They are concerned with kosher foods and skin rashes and diseases and mildew. With respect to kosher foods, the most important part of the instructions has to do with refraining from indulging in the festivals and feasts of the peoples of the Land that God is going to give to them. God doesn’t want His people to eat or indulge in the same meals and activities that the people of the world indulge in. I know this is the point because of 11:44. It says, “For I am the Lord your God.” This is a statement in contrast to the Egyptians whom they have just left. They worshipped a multitude of gods in a multitude of ways involving various foods & drinks. It’s also in contrast to the people in the Land. They worshipped many different gods as well in similar ways. So, you don’t do what they do, because you worship “The Lord Your God.” That verse goes on to say, “You must consecrate yourself and be holy for I am holy.

So do not defile yourself … (with unclean foods) for I am the one who brought you out of Egypt that I might be your God. Therefore you must be Holy because I am Holy.” I brought you out of the Egypt where these things are common that you may worship the one true God and that will make you different. Holy means to be separated or different from the rest.

It’s God’s call on all those who serve Him to live a life that’s different from the way those who do not serve Him live. Lord, help us be “Holy and different” this week.