It was interesting to read again the procedures in Leviticus 7 thru 9. It was the beginning of the sacrifices and the first one to offer the sacrifices was not Aaron, the Priest. It was Moses. 8:17, “Moses presented the bull…” 8:19 “Moses slaughtered it…He splattered the blood.”

Then in Chapter 9, He instructs the priests to offer a series of sacrifices as well. These sacrifices were offered for a reason. Moses instructs them in 9:4 “Present all these offerings to the Lord because the Lord will appear to you today.”  When the sacrifices were completed, the text says in 9:23, that Aaron came out and “blessed the people again, and the glory of the Lord appeared to the whole community.”

On Sundays we offer our sacrifices of praise! We lift up our voices and sing! In unity and in love we do so because He has promised to “Inhabit our praise.” We want an encounter with God! He promises to be there.

See you on Sunday!