When we moved to Texas in 1972, I remember seeing the aftermath of Camille in Corpus Christi. There was great devestation. Wow! Why does God allows such things? We all saw the pictures of the aftermath of Katrina! Devestating! I’ve seen storms at sea, but never a Tsunami like the one that struck Indonesia! What great power and destructive capacity. One stands in awe and wonder at the power of nature.

God appeared to the Israelites in the wilderness with great demonstrations of power; lightening, thunder, and earthquakes. All the people were afraid of God and wouldn’t approach Him. His presence was indeed accompanied by awesome displays of power. Yet Moses didn’t want the people to be afraid of approaching God. Moses knew that God was revealing Himself as the Almighty God who would fight FOR them, not against them.

In Exodus 20:20, Moses tells them people, “Don’t be afraid, Moses answered them, for God has come in this way to test you, and so that your respect for him will keep you from sinning!”

God has a great plan for your life – it’s a promised land. He’s capable of making it all come true. Don’t turn away from Him.