In chapter 13, Moses is preparing the people for their redemption from Egypt by instructing them regarding the offering of the passover lamb. Through the application of the blood of the lamb, they would be redeemed.  God would then take His people out of slavery and set them free. In verse 3, Moses said to the people, “remember this day in which you came out of Egypt…”

In chapter 13, four times it reminds Israel that God had delivered them with a “strong hand.” They faced an enemy stronger than they were, but God, with His strong hand, delivered them. Moses knew that they would need to remember God’s strong hand because they would face many challenges as they traveled through the wilderness and when they faced their enimies. They would need to remember that it is God’s “strong hand” that acts in their behalf.

We too have been rescued from an enemy stronger than we are. The blood of our sacrificial lamb, Jesus Christ, redeems us from the power of sin and death – a power much stronger than us. When Jesus initiated the Lord’s table, he said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” He knew also, that we would face many hardships, trials, and enemies as we make our way to the promised land. it’s important that we remember also, that it’s God’s strong hand, that has redeemed us and that is with us wherever we go and whatever problem or enemy we face.