In Exodus Chapter 1, we see that Jacob’s descendents had become slaves in Egypt. Things went from bad to worse for them. Pharaoh made them do slave labor. Then he made the labor severe. Then he tried to cut their population by infanticide. Then he tried to destroy the nation with genocide.

No nation has suffered at the hands of others as much as the Jewish nation has. Pharaoh attempted genocide, Haman attempted genocide in the Book of Esther, Hitler attempted genocide in our lifetime, but through it all God’s people remain.

Things often go from bad to worse for God’s people before He delivers them. But He always delivers them. He lets them suffer and he lets us suffer, because He wants us to learn that we can trust Him in every circumstance of our lives, even when things go from bad to worse.

Maybe things have gone from bad to worse for you also. It  happens. We wonder why things seem to pile up against us.  God had a purpose for Israel’s suffering in Egypt, and he has a purpose for your suffering as well.

Malcom Muggeridge wrote: Contrary to what might be expected, I look back on experiences that at the time seemed especially desolating and painful with particular satisfaction. Indeed, I can say with complete truthfulness that everything I have learned in my 75 years in this world, everything that has truly enhanced and enlightened my experience, has been through affliction and not through happiness.