“Let go and let God” has surely become a cliche’ in our christian culture. But the need for that in my life is still evident in many ways. I’m a lot like Jacob – the one who contends with God – who wrestles with him to get his own way.

The things that really matter most in this life are truly out of our hands. But we often strive and strain to control them anyway. How much better off we would be if indeed we could “let go and let God.”

Jacob, the famous God-wrestler, finally gave up his fight with God and surrendered. In 43:14, he finally agrees to let his sons take his beloved Benjamin back to Egypt with them. He says, “May God Almighty grant you mercy before the man, and may he send back your other brother and Benjamin. And as for me, if I am bereaved of my children, I am bereaved.”

Notice he acknowledges God’s complete sovereignty by calling him “God Almighty.” He is the one who gives mercy and brings about the best in our lives. We need only surrender to His perfect will. He envisioned the worse case scenario and said, “let it be.”

Whatever your struggle. Imagine the worse case scenario and tell God if that’s what he wants for you, that will be OK.

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: let it be.”