Joseph’s brothers threw him into a pit as they debated what to do with him. Potiphar’s wife lied about Joseph. He was arrested and thrown into another pitĀ  in Egypt. When Joseph pleads with Pharaoh’s cupbearer to remember him and inform Pharaoh of hisĀ  innocense, he says, “here also, I have done nothing that they should put me into the pit.” He was innocent in Israel and in Egypt. There was no reason for him to find himself in these pits. But there he was!

I’m sure you’ve been there also. Maybe your job has you in the pits. Maybe some broken relationship has put you in the pits. Maybe guilt and despair have put you in the pit. Maybe you’re in the pits, and like Joseph, you don’t even know why.

Joseph could not get himself out of either pit. He was unable to help himself. The only thing he could do was trust God, be faithful in his duties and wait. It appears that Joseph had been in Egypt for about 13 years, most of which was probably spent in the pit.

When God finally acted on his behalf, he became supreme ruler in Egypt, was given a wife, and had two sons. He named his sons, “God has made me forget my harship (Manasseh), and “God made me fruitful” (Ephraim). The point is, God is the one who did it. Joseph waited on God when he was in the pit. He went about his daily life trusting God to act in His good time.

So, what do you do when you’re in the pits? Wait. Just wait upon the Lord.