In Genesis 31, after Jacob flees from his father in law’s control, Laban pursues him with the intent to do him harm, because he has taken his daughters, grandchildren as well as his household idols. When he catches Jacob, he says, “It’s in my power to do you harm.”

In this world I’m sure you know people who have the power to doyou harm. We all have them.

But God, who is called in this chapter “The Fear of isaac” shows himself to Laban, speaks to him on behalf of Jacob and warns him against any ill intent he might have. God makes it clear to Laban the He is the one who has theĀ  real power to do harm.

Notice that Laban is chasing after his stolen gods while the one true God is actively protecting the ones who worship Him.

A good thought for a Monday morning: If God is for you, no one’s ill intent can do you true harm.