The story of Lot concludes in Genesis chapter 19. We read about the tragedy regarding the final days of Lot, Abraham’s Nephew. He ended up an alcoholic in a cave being seduced by his daughters. His grandchildren were also his children. (Sounds like something from “Deliverance.”) All because, he didn’t stay home with Abraham.

I don’t think that the place was the real problem, ie, Sodom. Don’t forget that Joseph lived in Egypt. Daniel lived in Babylon. Esther lived in Persia. It really wasn’t the place because these three ended up being a great blessing while there. Not Lot. I think it was a matter of his heart. Lot got his love for theĀ  world, possibly, while living in Egypt. Much like his ancestors under Moses’ leadership, he never quite got his heart out of Egypt.

Lot had been seduced by the world and everything he owned went up in smoke as God’s angels destroyed his home in Sodom. Leaving Sodom, His wife, who had learned to love the world also, couldn’t help but turn and look back with longing, and she too was lost to him as she became a pillar of salt. Then in the cave, all alone, his honor, dignity, as well as his self respect was lost as well as that of his own daughters.

Friendship with the world can be expensive. Let’s stay home!